comes from Sanskrit and stands for the healing plant and the carrier of light. Oshadhi transforms the energy of the sun to the benefit of the mankind.


Dr. Malte Hozzel, a renowned aromatherapist and educator in the field, began his work with essential oils in the 1970’s, over 40 years ago. He began by studying the works or renowned experts and trying out the oils in his daily life. With this growing experience he realized that the quality and variety of the oils available in the market was not ideal. There was a need for someone to search out the best quality oils, sourced from the best growing locations and create a range of products that would expand the field and make essential oils accessible to many more people in a way that would have a positive impact on their lives. This led to the founding of the company and the introduction of the Oshadhi brand in 1990. Since that time, Oshadhi has gained the reputation for having the finest quality and range of essential oils and related products with satisfied customers all over the world.

Jasmin harvest in Morocco & Vanilia harvest in Madagascar

The OSHADHI Philosophy

The Oshadhi philosophy is governed by the criteria of purity, naturalness, simplicity and joy.
This is how the brand has consistently expanded over the last 20+ years. We pay constant attention to the quality of all OSHADHI products by selecting them directly from their origin on all continents and paying highest attention to the best possible means of storing, handling and packaging. With Oshadhi, our customers know to expect top-quality products. With this in mind we offer more than 550 essential oils and absolutes, as well as numerous synergy blends, hydrosols, and skin care products that are of the highest quality.

These have been mostly derived from wild-grown plants or certified organic cultivation, many from rare subspecies and selected varieties of medicinal plants.
Our oils and their producers have been deeply researched since we place a premium on the way the oils are processed, stored and handled. In addition we have worked hard to create an environment where our team works in harmony and develops positive feelings and a relationship to the oils. Just as we honour the plants and our team of co-workers, we also honour animals by avoiding at all times any testing of any of our products or ingredients on animals. Oshadhi has never tested any product on animals and maintains this as a strict principle in our company’s philosophy.

Products of OSHADHI

Oshadhi has the widest range of available essential oils and related products with many hundreds of oils, including quite rare species or cultivars of many plants from around the world. In addition to essential oils, Oshadhi provides Absolutes (for certain oils that require this process of distillation), Hydrosols (Floral Waters), Synergy Blends, Massage Oils, Carrier Oils, Essential Oil Perfumes, Macerates, Bath and Hair Oils, and Body Care products.



An extraordinary variety of over 500 essential oils, many of them certified organic, is at the core of the Oshadhi product brand. Oshadhi goes to great lengths to find and offers the rare cultivars that provide unique beneficial and therapeutic qualities, many of which are simply not generally seen in the commercial market due to the difficulty and rarity of sourcing them.

In order to provide clarity, Oshadhi supplies the exact botanical name for each essential oil so that you know what you are getting. For example Cedar, Atlas from Morocco is not actually directly related to Texas Cedar, which is really a relative of the Juniper plant! The botanical name designation, source country, plant part used, and type of cultivation are set forth on the labels.

One of the major differentiating factors for the quality of an essential oils the method and care used in the distillation. Most of the essential oils supplied by Oshadhi are extracted by a method known as steam distillation.

In this process, no chemical solvents are used. It is not however a simple matter of distillation, because there are different techniques, some using high pressure or high heat to speed up the process (and thereby resulting in lower quality end result), or those that involve slow distillation at low heat, which is how Oshadhi oils are distilled under this method. This results in a more complete extraction with richer, subtler fragrances than the process used commercially to obtain fast, high volume results.

The citrus oils (e.g Lemon Yellow, Citrus limonum) in general, are not steam distilled, but are cold-pressed. This process protects the delicate citrus peel from the effects of heat which otherwise would result in a totally different quality and richness of fragrance.

For certain delicate flowers or specific medicinal plants one has to use different forms of solvent extraction, and this yields a product known as an Absolute (e.g. Tuberose, Polianthes tuberosa). In this method, it is important to avoid the use of certain toxic solvents, stick to various heat / solvent processes and parameters and ensure that all solvents are cleanly removed from the end result. Oshadhi supplies the state of the art Absolutes for those plants which require such treatment.

about Carrier Oil & Macerates

Carrier oils are used to provide a suitable base oil for adding a small amount of essential oil to create a massage oil, body oil or a bath oil that can extend the essential oil and make it feasible to be used for massage or as a body moisturizer.

Common carrier oils include Sweet Almond oil, Sunflower oil, Apricot Kernel oil, Sesame oil, Walnut oil and Jojoba oil, to name a few. Each of them has various qualities that indicate us for one purpose or another. For instance, Apricot Kernel is frequently used for the face, while Sweet Almond Oil is commonly applied as a massage or body oil base, due to the weight and absorption characteristics of the specific oils. Oshadhi supplies a range of high quality carrier oils, including organically certified oils, to meet every need.

about Facial & Body Care

Over the years OSHADHI has developed products that enhance and preserve beauty using their deep knowledge and understanding of essential oils, always keeping in mind that true beauty comes from within.

The line has been developed and use of the finest OSHADHI essential oils that create powerful and effective products which nurture and care for the skin in a Natural and holistic way.